After releasing her 2nd single, “Kuingin” (I Want), June 2019, Meda Kawu is releasing her newest song, “Masih Ada Dia (There’s Still She). The song will also be available on Meda’s upcoming album. This song, Masih Ada Dia, depicts a dilemma of loving a man who has already had someone. The story is inspired by her best friend who came to her during the process of letting go. Meda thought, this story is mostly an everybody’s story. Meda tries to express this dilemma by putting them into a song. More or less she also shares her thoughts about triangle love in the chorus of this song simply by saying “It’s not gonna happen, babe”

“I tried to put myself on their shoes, those people who are involved in love triangle. They want to be together, but one person has already tied in a sacred bond with another. No matter how much he/she loves this person, this kind of love needs to come to an end. “ Meda explained.

Meda also wrote this song as a dedication of her father’s advice, “Good people are easy to find, but very few are loyal.”

“Masih Ada Dia” is another proof of Meda’s maturity in her musical journey, after her mini album Single People in the World in 2014 and OST for Laskar Pelangi The Series in 2016. Even though all her songs are considered pop genre, but in terms of melody and arrangements, the new songs which will be available on her upcoming album have shifted a bit from pure pop folk to a folk wtith an electronic touch.

Please find the attached link to enjoy Meda Kawu’s newest single along with high resolution photo.

About Meda Kawu

Meda Kawu is a singer/ songwriter based in Jakarta, Indonesia. Her singing career began with Aminoto Kosin Orchestra as a backup singer. From Aminoto, she also learned to write songs and upgrading her musicality. She released her first EP titled “Single People In The World” in 2014.

Early in 2018, she and her fellow musicians did a live recording project in the middle of a forest, in the small island of Belitung. The song, “Sendiri Tapi Tak Sepi,” helped her sign with Seven Music in November 2018. The label loved the song so much that 3 versions were released: Studio-Recorded, Live Recording from the forest, and the Electronic Version.

Her rich voice has been characterized as being soft and deep yet powerful. Her vibrant character and quirky personality makes her a truly dynamic performer that creates a different flavor in each of her performance.

She named accomplished musicians such as Aurora, Norah Jones, Yuna, Sia,and Coldplay as her inspirations. A true entertainer at heart, Meda’s unique pop folk style is sure to appeal to music lovers of all kind.


Produced: Arlan Djoewarsa, Ivan Dewanto, Jesslyn Juniata & Denny Indrajaya

Arranged: Jesslyn Juniata & Denny Indrajaya

Composed: Meda Kawu & Denny Indrajaya

Keys & synths: Jesslyn Juniata

Backing vocal: Meda Kawu dan Jesslyn Juniata

Vocal Director: Jesslyn Juniata dan Meda Kawu

Guitars & pianica: Denny Indrajaya

Strings: Theo Kurniawan & Ivan Dewanto

Mixed & Mastered: Ivan Dewanto


Album soundtrack

Laskar Pelangi Song Book (2012, soundtack serial Laskar Pelangi)

Album mini

Single People in the World (2015)


“Hai Ayah” (2015)

“Sendiri Tapi Tak Sepi” (2018)

“Kuingin” (2019)

Channel youtube : Meda Kawu

facebook : Meda.kawu

Instagram :@medakawu

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